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How can I generate upload and download report of One drive application through Forti Analyzer Need suggestion on this.
I want to allow only specific users to access the internal server through RDP access and block others using RDP port (3389) as we are getting alerts of attempts of attacks on RDP port 3389. I am getting alerts of attempts of attacks on RDP port 3389....
Hi team,FortiGate 60E version 7.0.9 We observed that we are not able to find ICMP/Ping in service group which should be created by default in services tab. Kindly suggest why it was not created by default
I am using FortiGate 100D v6.4.7.While I am using Forti view to view the sources, I am getting error as "Failed to retrieve Forti view data" Please help us me resolve this issue at earliest and need explanation for this error
Can we create a combination of dashboards of multiple devices of FortiGate, Fortianalyzer, fortimanager, etc. As we need to monitor the performance from a single dashboard. Is it possible?
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