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I use VMWare Dashboard to check availability for the ESXi and VMs. What affects the color of the displayed graph? As an example of ESXi uptime? Is it related to CPU and memory utilization or some other factors? In the settings for each widget display...
Does the SD-WAN feature for FortiGate (600E for example) requires per year license?
I try to generate an Availability Report for the servers, Windows or UNIX servers but I get no data. Does this require specific protocols between FortiSIEM and the servers? Should I install an agent on the machine to get the Availability Report, espe...
There are data in several places and several stages. During installation FortiSIEM settings. In Admin>Ssettings, Admin>Device Support, Admin>Setub and CMDB there are changes made. Also, hosts are added to the "hosts" file. How do whole backup FortiSI...
I try to configure SNMP traps for FortiADC. I don't find "Alert" under "System" in GUI. I used "config system alert-snmp-trap" but no traps are received on FortiSIEM. Is there an extra configuration required?SNMP Community is configured and worked in...
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