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I am currently working on FortiGate Captive Portal with Guest Users, and wondering if I can edit the email received by the guests. This is my reference link - https://community.fortinet.com/t5/FortiGate/Technical-Tip-FortiGate-Captive-Portal-with-Gue...
I recently configred my FEX as part of WAN failover.Primary: ISP WANSecondary: FortiExtender I already configured below parameters based on this link: https://docs.fortinet.com/document/fortiextender/4.1.2/admin-guide/103815/extended-cellular-wan-of-...
Is it possible configure Secondary WAN IP addresses with DHCP enabled?FortiOS version is 7.4.2
I have an HA firewall which is currently out-of-sync.Checked the 'out of sync tables' and compared the config on FW-A and FW-B. There is no mismatch. Next step is to work #diagnose sys ha checksum recalculate on both FWsWill this recalculating comman...
I have assumed that throughput will always be better when set auto-asic-offload is set to disable However, this is not the case when we disabled it. Download time per second is 3-4 times slower when I disabled it. Any reasons why this happens?
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