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I have a site to site VPN, i want to apply a traffic shapping to specific traffic (sourc IP), but in the shaping policy it is not matching the traffic through the IPSEC tunnel. There are some configuration that works different for interface like wan ...
There is a CLI command to force the FSW NTP SYNC again to my FGT NTPI have my Fswitch managed Through my FGT. FortiSwitch
Hi, I have a dual hub topology active-active. I configure BGP on the hub with Capability: default originate enable, to inject the default route to the branch. In the branch i can see on the routing table 4 default route 2 for HUB1 and 2 for the HUB2....
HiI am working with 2 (vdom internet and vdom interno) vdom, i created intervdom routing through the Intervdom link, i have a device conected to Internal VDOM.When i do a capture packet on the device, i see that source IP of the packet is the IP addr...
I am redistributing BGP into OSPF, but I would like to know if it is possible to redistribute to a specific neighbor i mean not to all ospf FGT in the same area
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