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Hi, I have a dual hub topology active-active. I configure BGP on the hub with Capability: default originate enable, to inject the default route to the branch. In the branch i can see on the routing table 4 default route 2 for HUB1 and 2 for the HUB2....
HiI am working with 2 (vdom internet and vdom interno) vdom, i created intervdom routing through the Intervdom link, i have a device conected to Internal VDOM.When i do a capture packet on the device, i see that source IP of the packet is the IP addr...
I am redistributing BGP into OSPF, but I would like to know if it is possible to redistribute to a specific neighbor i mean not to all ospf FGT in the same area
I have 2 fortswitch STANDALONE (switch1 and switch2) connected throught MCLAG ICL i would like to know why in switch1 the native vlan is 4094 and switch 2 is vlan 1 in the trunk port(MCLAG-ICL) when i do diagnose switch mclag peer-consistency-check M...
some knows how the fortiplanner calculate the high of the AP to install a AP?? Where and how can i add another antena or AP to the app ?? FortiAP
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