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We have one MPLS and one Internet circuit connected to WAN 1 and 2 on the FortiGate firewall.We can reach the internet using both MPLS and direct internet. Direct internet is preferred path to the internet as opposed to traversing MPLSVia the inside ...
Hey There,We have multiple branches and we want to manage our switches via our FG201F firewall over MPLS.How can we achieve this? If there is any article that may support this it's highly appreciated. TIA :)
Hi, I recently upgraded my FortiOS from 7.4.0F > 7.4.2F > 7.4.3F. It was working prior on the upgrade. It was tested working and confirmed that none of the functionality is lost, but the visibility of the Switches in GUI is blank. 1. Tried clearing t...
Hi, We have a SD-WAN fabric with multiple FortiGate's 80F running v7.0.8.On one of the branch site FortiGate we are planning to upgrade WAN bandwidth from 100 MB to 200 MB.What changes are required from FortiGate side or this should be done only on S...
I'm seeing the eap-proxy daemon utilizes high CPU usage. Suspecting that this may cause of the flapping on the IPSec tunnel phase 1. # diagnose sys top-all 1 100 1Run Time: 235 days, 16 hours and 28 minutes4U, 0N, 10S, 83I, 0WA, 0HI, 3SI, 0ST; 7979T,...
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