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How can I config the login time out for SSL VPN with SAML?FortiGate or Azure.
I'd like to know what is the best practice for FG HA Switch clustering.How can I configure the LACP on switch with separate LACP group (Solution A) or I can configure the same LACP group (Solution B) .PS. Switch is a Cisco CoreSwitch and connected th...
I've seen the log message like this.Technical Tip: Threat 131072 is seen in logs when ... - Fortinet CommunityI don't know what should I do next.Could you please explain it for me?
I found ADVPN connection issue for 7.0.9 (KVM version) ADVPN does not working and connection not up however wit's working fine for 6.4.x version with the same configuration.I don't know why. Could you guide me to solve this issue?
What is the "none" object mean?   
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