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what happen if I have configured the memory settings like this on Fortigate firewall?set memory-use-threshold-extreme 70set memory-use-threshold-green 75set memory-use-threshold-red 71When memory usage reaches 70% or higher, the device will enter an ...
How I can view the traffic log on FortiCloud more than 2000 records. now I can view only 2000 records.I would like to view other days not today.I try to select date/time range but it the same.
How can I config the login time out for SSL VPN with SAML?FortiGate or Azure.
I'd like to know what is the best practice for FG HA Switch clustering.How can I configure the LACP on switch with separate LACP group (Solution A) or I can configure the same LACP group (Solution B) .PS. Switch is a Cisco CoreSwitch and connected th...
I've seen the log message like this.Technical Tip: Threat 131072 is seen in logs when ... - Fortinet CommunityI don't know what should I do next.Could you please explain it for me?