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Hello, this link explains most of state= flags, such as "local", "redir", "dirty", etc., https://kb.fortinet.com/kb/viewContent.do?externalId=FD30042 but it doesn't explain a flag "none". Does anyone know what it means? Example diagnose sys session l...
Hello,till now I was sure that there are 2 possible modes: 1) certificate inspection (inspects the SSL handshake only) and 2) deep inspection (FG terminate SSL session from WAN side and encrypts packets with FG certificate towards LAN side). Today I'...
Hi all,all fortigates have two trial licenses for fortitoken mobile. I have locked them and I can't unlcok them. A FTM Admin guide says: To unlock the locked token in FOS when FortiToken Mobile Provisioning Server is reachable, use the following CLI ...
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