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What is wrong with this syntax?diagnose sniffer packet any 'src 10.x.y.z dst 172.a.b.c'
GreetingsI navigate here:Fortilyzer > Log View > Traffic.See below.Q1 How do I custimoze the columns?Q2 How can I edit/change the Device ID column to give an hostname of some more friendly host id?I have checked these URLs but I have not made sense o...
Good dayIs this possible from the FortiManager.Is this possible?
I have a loopback configured (1) I have advertised the same prefix in BGP. (2) The BGP neighbor in question is healthy with 159 routes received (3) Why is this prefix not advertised via BGP? (4) 
Why can I not see the interface config in the show or show full-configuration CLI outputs? There seems to be a relationship between the following 2 command formats:show <>config <>So for instanceconfig vpn ipsec phase1-interfaceshow vpn ipsec phase1-...
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