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Hi youI'm using FG v7.4.3, I created a file filter to block downloading of .exe files, but users can still download the .exe file, specifically the Chrome installation file, specifically its file is ChromeSetup.exe
Hi youI cannot access some websites using Chrome browser, but other browsers like EDGE or Firefox are normal.I Determined the cause was due to the Web filter and created a ticket for the Fortinet but it has not been resolved. Can anyone help me fix t...
Hi everyone Why are there so many icloud domains in the Proxy Avoidance category?
Hello everyoneI'm migrating policy from another FW company to Fortinet. In the Virtual IP section, I tried setting the same WAN IP, the same LAN IP, and the same port 80 without seeing any warnings. I would like to ask if there is any way to turn on ...
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