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Anyone else seeing the iOT service detecting Windows devices as iOT and then reporting like 87 vulnerabilities?
We are small and use FortiCloud. However, I would like to be able to customize reports to remove certain subnets from showing in my reports. In particular, I want to remove public wi-fi traffic from showing on my reports.I do not see a way to achieve...
I am looking to enable IPv4 DoS policies which are recommended practice. However, I am concerned about impact. Does anyone have any recommendations for enabling these? Should I do them one at a time? Is it safe to do them all at once? Are there some ...
Hi All, We have a contractor who will be using their company laptop to connect to our network. I would like to have host checks done before allowing them to connect, but we are small, and do not have EMS etc. It looks like there are some free host ch...
I have a site-to-tunnel to a remote office. I also have a dial-up tunnel to that office. The site-to-site is used as primary, but there is one system we need to use the Dial-up client w/split tunnel for. This has always worked until recently. I am no...
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