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Hello Team, Please can someone explain what this error means and provide me with a solution. Regards,Firdausi
dsn=4.3.0, stat=Deferred: 451-Sender host ( not yet authorized to deliver from 451- to . Please 451 try again later. Hello Team,Help someone should explain what this error means. Regards,Firdausi
Hello Team,Please i need help from someone on how to resolve this issue. Regards,Firdausi
Hello Team,Please is it possible mails from external domains with NO SPF Record or SPF=Hard fail to be sent to the junk folders of our protected domains instead of coming in to our system quarantine. So with that, the administrators of the protected ...
Hello Team,Please someone should assist me the best apprach /practice to external doamis with SPF Softfail or without SPF record published.It is frustrating whenever an external domain sends mail with the issue above failed to deliver to my own domai...