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Hello Team,We have 2 datacenters across different states (kano / abuja) and we want to deploy one of our HA Availability each to different locations due to redundancy. Please keep in mind we have a VPN tunnel accross.Please i need someone to help and...
Hello Team,Please we have 2 datacenters in different locations and we want to deploy the HA into the 2 datacenters in which one will be in abuja and the other HA will be in the different location because of redundancy.Kindly note that we have VPN Tun...
Hello Team, Please can someone explain what this error means and provide me with a solution. Regards,Firdausi
dsn=4.3.0, stat=Deferred: 451-Sender host ( not yet authorized to deliver from 451- to . Please 451 try again later. Hello Team,Help someone should explain what this error means. Regards,Firdausi
Hello Team,Please i need help from someone on how to resolve this issue. Regards,Firdausi