FortiGate Next Generation Firewall utilizes purpose-built security processors and threat intelligence security services from FortiGuard labs to deliver top-rated protection and high performance, including encrypted traffic.


This article explains describes how to download the Forticlient VPN manually from the Fortinet website.






Go to, then login.


Go to Support -> Firmware Download.


Firmware download.PNG

Select the product as Forticlient (It is mandatory to have EMS License for the FortiClient EMS, If there is no license, the Forticlient Feature remains enable for 30 days only).

Select Product.PNG

Select the directory, In this guide, I'm choosing the Windows directory, and drive to the version which you want to download.

Forticlient_7.06 .PNG


Select 'HTTPS' to download the file.


Https download.PNG 


Download the Forticlient Remove tool.


- Login to the Support Portal at and go to Download -> Firmware Images.

- Select FortiClient as a product and browse to the appropriate version (For example FortiClient/Windows/v7.00/7.0.6/).
- Download FortiClientTools.
- Inside the archive, find the FCRemove utility.




Detailed Steps:


1) Download FCRemove.exe tool from the support website (Support -> Firmware Download -> FortiClient -> Download -> Select the version -> Select  HTTPS next to the FortiClientTools).


2) Unzip the file and locate the FCRemove.exe tool under Utils folder.


3) Put the tool somewhere within the file system (Desktop, temp, etc).


4) Boot the machine in Safe Mode:

- Open Run command prompt and enter msconfig.

- Select the Boot tab and check the Safe Boot box.

- hit Ok and restart the machine.


5) When booted into Safe mode, open the Windows command line as Administrator.


6) Run FCRemove.exe.


7) When FortiClient gets deleted, repeat the steps outlined in step 4 but this time uncheck the Safe Mode box.


8) Reboot the machine.


If a MAC machine is used, make sure to boot the machine in Safe Mode and follow the above steps.


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