FortiGate Next Generation Firewall utilizes purpose-built security processors and threat intelligence security services from FortiGuard labs to deliver top-rated protection and high performance, including encrypted traffic.
Article Id 214839

This article describes how Fortinet Support may advise monitoring the system at the console under specific circumstances.

The process to do so is outlined below.

Scope FortiGate, all firmware.

A few prerequisites are needed:


  1. Download a terminal emulator tool such as Putty. A listing of emulators that may also work is listed here.

  2. If the management device does not have a serial port:
  • Obtain a USB to serial adapter.
  • Obtain a rollover cable (Ethernet and crossover will not work).
  • Both the adapter and rollover cable are commonly available from online and physical retailers.

Once the above items are ready, proceed.


  1. Connect the Serial to the USB adapter to the PC. Open the Device Manager and under 'Ports' see a COM port associated with the adapter. Make note of the COM port number.

    If there is no Ports section listed ensure the proper drivers are installed for the adapter to function.

  2. Connect the serial adapter to the rollover cable. Connect the RJ-45 end of the rollover to the FortiGate’s 'Console' port.

  3. Launch Putty. Ensure the following settings are set.

    Session tab:




Set 'COM1' to the correct port number noted in step 1. For example, COM3.


Logging Tab:

Select 'All session output', select browse and save the log file to a location that can be found later. Consider adding a name and date to it.


Serial Tab:

Set the correct COM port number if it is not present already. Ensure the below settings are set:




Back on the session tab, save this connection profile for future use:




  1. Now that Putty is set up, select 'Open'.

  2. Any key needs to be hit for the console to refresh. If all going well the login prompt can be seen. Login with the admin credentials.

  3. Follow any additional instructions from Fortinet Support.