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Description This article describes how is the Proxy/UTM sessions used to understand the number of sessions per seat license.
Scope FortiGate.

For example, run a CLI command to show the session license details.


diag wad license details

Purchased License Seat: 10000
Available License Seat: 10000
Max Licensed Session: 250000


The Max Licensed session is 250000 derived from 25 sessions x 10000 License Seat.


That also means that FortiProxy is supported 250000 max proxy/UTM sessions.



FortiProxy in HA mode. The half of license seats in the slave unit were added to a primary unit like the example below. 


License Seats Registered:

FPX4HETA19-----9: 1000
FPX4HETA19-----9: 1000

New License Seats Adjusted:

FPX4HETA19-----9: 1500 <----- Primary Unit.
FPX4HETA19-----9: 500

Available License Seat: 1500
Max Licensed Session: 37500
Current Licensed Session: 37500


FortiProxy in HA mode needs FC entitlements (UTM licenses) for both devices for seat sharing to work.

In FortiProxy 7.2.0 and above, the license sharing is 100% instead of 50%.


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