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Hello, we are trying to deploy fortiweb-image docker image according following instructions: and our container is running but...
Hello,where can i find download link for FortiWeb VM deployment docker image package?in following installation doc it mentioned to look it at but couldn't found any download section
Does Fortinet has software that can be installed on windows server 2019 and does port forwarding between cluster servers? additional info to clarify more our needs:1. currently we have Fortinet firewall(hardware) with FortiGate web server and we expl...
i'm trying to download system events logs using bash curl and getting authentication errorcurl -u 'fortigate_user:fortigate_pass' 'https:///api/v2/log/memory/event/system/raw' --compressed --insecure and getting following authentication error:<H1>Unautho</H1>...
Can someone advise how to config FortiGate to save 90 days logs history or to config limit for log size (up to 1GB log size)?the FortiGate logs history we need are Forward Traffic and System Events
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