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I am using FSSO to AD for user ID and group membership. my user group source is the collector agent. This is working as expected and any group added to a policy as source allows the correct users in that group to connect.. I can see in the forward tr...
I have a basic policy with web filter as below... when I browse to the site listed as blocked it allows me out on the same policy. perhaps I have missed something obvious here,... and here is the web filter
Seem to not be able to install FSSO agent 5.0.0311 on Windows Server 2019 (Standard).Seems fine on 2016 and 2022.. Any help much appreciated...
Is this possible... the only information I can find states "user groups".I have this part working by using FSSO for users and groups but cannot find a way of adding a policy for 1 user unless i create a new AD group on my domain and add that group to...
I am looking to add AD users and groups to firewall policies.Do i need to use FSSO collector agent or can i just set a remote group in "user groups" via LDAP.Many thanks
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