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Hello, I would like to know your opinion about control what traffic should and should not be encrypted based on destination.The use case is : - The agence K has a source A going to network X it should going encrypted through the S2S VPN.- The SAME so...
Hello, Does FortiNAC support ldap group based authentication for fortigate without using the tag for remote access vpn?. Only Radius simple authentication. Thank you.Regards!@ebilcari FortiNAC
Hello, Hope you are doing great! I got stuck in my lab with integrating fortinac and fortigate vm evaluation unlicensed mode, when i add fortigate device it does not show virtualized tab i suspect that because of modeling device type when i click on ...
Hello, How many FNAC nodes supported by a single ha cluster does it support more than 2? i could not find this info in documentation. Thanks and Regards!
Hello,I'm still new to FortiNAC,I did configure endpoint compliance schedule rescan each two 2 minutes(For testing), when i disable a specific service on the machine the rescan does not mark the host as At Risk and the verse versa with safe state eve...
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