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EMS keeps trying to push Forticlient update to MacOS 11.2. It always errors with:'Forticlient upgrade failed. Can not extract install file'This started after ems6.4.2 to 6.4.3 upgrade.I even uninstalled forticlient and re-installed from the deploymen...
I there a way to set keep alives in a Fgt to Fgt L2L tunnel. The GUI doesn't offer much to change. Can this be set in the CLI? Don't want this tunnel going down, but every night after no activity it goes down. Thx
When adding a secondary node to HA, do I have to define the interfaces on secondary node? More specifically, the primary uses a LACP LAG to connect to core switches. Do I need to define the LAG on the secondary, or will that config sync? I do have th...
Is it possible to geo block in fortimail?? I looked but couldn't really find anything. Any help would appreciated. Dave
We migrated to a new datacenter. During the Migration we separated our Act/passive HA setup. New DC FGT unit has a different config now and old DC shutdown. What is best way to introduce HA again and make sure the current FGT stays primary and the ot...
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