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So I am new at this (well was kinda forced into doing this) and after someone pulled the power plug on one of our 501E Fortigates (we have 2 HA) it had the warning to do a File System Check. So its came in today (Saturday) to do this. The Slave becam...
We currently were cleaning up and organizing our AD for syncing back to O365. We moved Vendors out of the default User group into their own OU. They are part of a VPN group that is located in the User container. But they are no longer able to login u...
We have been seeing alot of HkEngineEventFile .xel files flagged as Malware:W32/PossibleThreat and Microsoft-Windows-RemoteDesktopServices-SessionServices%4Operational.evtx files being flagged as Malware:W32/Mauvais.A and they are being quarantined. ...
After an auto deployment I have many endpoints that only say under Installer- Endpoint Notified but they never updated to the latest version. How do I fix this? It happens every time there is an update to the Forticlient and we do an auto deployment ...
We have just started using the Forticlient AV as our antivirus. We also use a Forticlient EMS to create the installers for our environment. At first, when it was installed, the Forticlient Service Scheduler service was starting but now I have several...