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Hi, i have some ipsec tunnels on my fortigate clusters and i want to monitor them with PRTG via SNMP. i am doing it now via the snmp custom sensor but everytime the tunnel is going down/up or something is changed on the config the tunnel is getting a...
Hello, i have 3 sites with fortigates (+APs, + SWs), all are connected directly to the internet. is it possible to put the im one security fabric and does it make sense to do that? In the documentation and cookbooks i can only find examples with fort...
Hi, we have 5 Forti Switches connected to a Fortigate 100F and the Device Detection is not working anymore and i think the reason is, that we can see on 4 Switchports (where notebooks / docking stations are connected) more than 1000-2000 MAC addresse...
Hi all, i am having 2 Fortigates, FW1 and FW2 connected via IPSec VPN and on both sides i have a client network, in this client network the management web interface is activated, now i want to access from the client network on FW1 the webinterface of...
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