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I tried to find on the forum but did not succeed. Just wondering, is it possible to add a FortiSwitch to the existing FortiGate where the VLAN interfaces are living under an interface on the FortiGate? Normally, I would take a fresh FGT and a FTS and...
Just a question about monitored interfaces under HA setting.I know we can monitor physical interfces under HA setting but is it also possible to minitor VLAN interfaces?
Hi guys, In our FMG I'm using policy package consistency check to check for inconsistency's withn our policies.As for now I have troubles with one polcy where I'm getting errour about partially shadowed policies So what did I do: Because we wanted to...
Hi frorum, I have a question about ADVPN with dual HUB set up. In an dual HUB ADVPN enviroment, is it possible to configure which HUB wil be primair responsible for shortcut creation between spokes?
Hi community, I have few Fortigates logging directly and real time to FortiAnalyzer. All of them doing fine except one HA setup. I added the device in to the FAZ and while it's connected and registered it just not sending any logs. From the FGT I can...