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Greetings to youI would like to know how mach forticlient take to update their AV database!? now there as new ransomware called [size="3"]WannaCry hitting computers ! did forticlient update their AV signature ? to detect this attack ? [/size]
Greetings to you My problem in brief :We have EMS server with 600 endpoint licenses, My computer is connected to EMS and getting update for AVI want to use VPN from OUT Side to Company! I create user in fortigate user1,pass11$$$&^, I create policy to...
Control traffic Greetings to you I have Firewall 5.0.11 , and 5.2.8 and I have 2 Internet links WAN1 --> 100mbps WAN2 --> 200Mbps I have Office 365 and Skype, and I want to control traffic when users being using Office or Skype I want if user being u...
Greetings to youDears Security teamToday I generate a reports for Threats Report! I saw many things but really I don't understand what going onfor example part of report showing like Malware Detected # Malware Name Malware Type 1 JS/FakeJQuery.16F!tr...
Greetings to youDearsOur management care about security and nowdays new virus Shamoon malware is diffuseMy Question Is Forticlient AV can prevent this Virus Samoon malware ? yes or no ? as we do update always
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