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Hello Quick question, we need a Fortinet appliance in Azure with UTM capabilities. Does bundle FC-10-FVM02-963-02-12 includes the base appliance for Azure? Or do I need two separate items?:1 x FG-VM02-AZ 1 x FC-10-FVM02-963-02-12 The descrition of th...
Hello We are enabling SSL VPN in our environment. In previous FortiGate versions there was an option to establish the tunnel through a browser plugin. Please attachment left-hand-side.... Note the 'Tunnel Mode' section with 'Connect' 'Disconnect' and...
Hello Has anybody got a copy of the Q1 2016 Fortinet_HA_Set_Up_Automated_Failover_in_AWS.pdf? Looks like document Q4 2016 has been released, but Q4 2016 looks very different. I need to compare both documents to see what has changed. Unfortunately For...
Hello All As we know the FortiAnalyzer divides the logs into indexed and archived. Once an old log is archived, can this be brought back to be indexed? Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks,
Hello AllWe are doing a proof of concept using FortiCache + FortiAnalyzer. So far we can only produce reports based on single user, multiple users (manually selected) or all users. Does anybody know if it is possible to produce reports based on AD/Ld...
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