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INFO:Fortigate 61F OS 6.4.7build1911 Hi,I want to block all Social Media except PinterestI set Application Control>Pinterest>Allow but the log keep saying it being BlockedWhat I miss here?tq
Hi,I wanna know whether FortiSandbox could put its quarantined malware to somewhere for further analysis by 3rd party softwaretq
Hi,Let say I have latest OS of FortiSanbox Appliance.And because of latest OS can't add device without connecting to Internet.I want to rollback to previous version.I can't find any doc on how to downgrade. Is that possible to something boot from boo...
I am using console server to connect to all my network gears such as Aruba, Cisco, FortiAll Aruba can use micro usb console and some usb-cAll new Cisco can use mini usb console and some usb-cFew Forti can use mini usb console SerialtoUSB converter al...
HW INFO: 500D and 1000DSW INFO: 6.2.3 500D, SPU 0.1% SESSIONS 6167 1000D, SPU 24.3% SESSIONS 169 As attached, my friend get low SPU when high sessions on 500DIt seems contradict with any theoryAny explanation, why like thattq
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