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Hi , From one week ago the Fortigate 80F is logging every second the messages like the subjet (Wireless invalid MAC OUI detected/Wireless long duration attack detected). I set a WIDS profile in the AP profile but sometimes all the FAP disconnects cau...
Hello, I am needing help because the Fortigate 80F v6.4.6 build6083 does not detect two FAP-223E. I had already setup another installation time ago with the same Firewall ,firmware and access point without any kind of issue. Thanks in advance
Hello', I should add over tha 500 local users on FGT80F but the limits in 500, than I had setup an external Radius Server but it the same! no more than 500! There is a remotely possibility to "force" this value ? or therwe is any other solution? The ...
Hi everyone, I manage 3 FGT 90D in 3 different schools and if I enable the webfilter in the policies the CPU jump over 90%. The firmware is 6.0.4 Thanks.
Hi , I have a Fortigate 60D that every time I execute a shutdown when reboot it restart with the factory setting. This not happen when I execute a reboot. Thanks in advance