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Hi, So, we just upgraded our FortiManager from 5.2.6 to 5.4.1. Most of our FortiGates are currently running 5.0.x, and the FMG is the first step to a global migration to 5.4. In 5.0 and 5.2, we were heavy users of object colors to denote different ob...
Hi, We just applied the 5.2.6 FortiManager upgrade. We're coming from 5.2.4. After the upgrade, the login page shows the usual "The system is unavailable due to configuration update. Device logs are not accepted at this time." and the progress bar is...
We have a scenario where we block webmail in our environment, except for corporate webmail sites. With a hosted Exchange option and OWA this is easy. However we are getting contractors who are shifting their email to Office365, which authenticates us...
I've got a problem registering a FortiToken on my iPhone 6 Plus. When I try to manually enter the code, or scan the QRCode, it fails with a "runtime error". However, my iPhone 5S will register the token without complaint. Both iPhones are using iOS 8...
We' re trying to migrate off an MR2 FortiManager in EMS mode (headache enough) We have our Manager set up with ADOMS disabled because we' re only looking to manage MR3 devices with it at this time. In the System Settings panel under " System Informat...