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Hello, Could someone tell me when I can find old articles for FortiOS 4.3, please? I have found an article but it's for 5.x & 6.0 at
Hello,My FortiGate 80c firmware is still at version v4.0,build0672,130904 (MR3 Patch 15). Please tell me how to configure two SSL-VPN users groups with different access permissions. I have found the following article but it's for FortiOS 5.x & 6.0, s...
I already have a working SSL VPN for my users who are authenticated via Radius server in an Active Directory. I want to create another user group so that they have a different access permission, something like this:
We previously wanted to try VPN PPTP but we finally abandonned it. But in the config, we still see these two lines: config vpn pptp end How to remove them completely? Thanks
Since CA/Browser forum had openly unrecommended use of non-FQDN in SSL certificate by 2016, I'm now facing a little issue (like many people here I think?) The SSL certificate for my Fortigate firewall's Web UI contains the full DNS name like this: fi...