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Will the FG-TRAN-GC (1000baseTX) SFP work in the SFP+ port of an 800C? I can do this with Cisco SFP+ ports. They will take any 1Gig or 10Gig SFP. You may be asking why. Why use the SFP+ port when you have 4 other SFP 1Gig ports available. I have 2 Fo...
I use a product from Solarwinds called Cattools to automate nightly backups of the firewall configurations. This software handles most every device on our network including Dell switches, Cisco Switches/Routers/Firewalls/Access Points, and FortiGates...
I thought I read somewhere that a user could be part of multiple groups. How do I handle exceptions with groups? For instance, let's say that the "standard" web profile for all does not allow access to gmail. Then, I get a new request from the boss t...
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