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Hi, is there a way to disable nat on ipv6 when using combined policies (ipv4 & ipv6).There is only 1 checkbox to enable/disable nat. This implies to both ipv4 & ipv6.For ipv6 of course you don't want nat. Fortios is 7.4.3 thx
Dear All, Is Fortinet supporting 2,5Gbps speeds on their SFP+ ports? Or only 1Gbps and 10Gbps.I'm aware of the SFP supported document, but that is more like a joke. Anybody who has them in use? BrCharlez
Hi, Is it possible to use a GPON OLT SFP module in a 100F?Sould this work?I would like to connect my fiber wan connection directly to the firewall.I don't find any information about this. Someone that has this setup?Specs of the module below. GPON OL...
Hi, When setting up a new ipv6 policy, i'm unable to select "sd-wan" as outgoing interface, getting error "Failed to save some changes: Input value is invalid." What could be the cause of this?No other ipv6 policies are configuredOnly "Any" as Outgoi...
Hi, I was wondering if you create a hardware switch with 5 ports. Is there a way to only add a vlan to certain ports of that hardware switch or will the vlan always be assigned to all ports?1 only need multiple vlan's on 1 port, the other ports shoul...
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