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Hello. I've got FortiGate 140D with three physical WAN connections (using BGP). I've configured them as a one zone called "ISPs" and used in this manner with IPv4 Policies. I would like to create a WAN Link Load Balance between these interfaces, but ...
Hello, what could be the case that on FortiGate 140D YouTube service is running slow. I mean, something is in inspection to deep? I've set up a policy WAN->LAN, LAN->WAN with AV-flow, web-filter-flow, block-p2p, ips_all_default - are there UTM featur...
Hello. I've got a small issue, I cannot connect to an external FTPS server which use 21 port for PASV and dynamic from 50000 to 55000. I've tried to use session-helper, and also this workaround with inverted directions:
Hello, as you may know, I've had a case about setting up outgoing IP address to use BGP router ID, the response was here and here. So I disabled the NAT on this interface, and for now, it shows correctly outgoing address from the network like A.B.C.1...
Hello. I'm migrating configuration from Juniper JSR4350 to FortiGate 140D unit with BGP, and almost everything is working. My domains are available online with public IP class C addresses like X.Y.Z.0/24, but when I surf the internet - my IP is seen ...
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