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I'm working on migrating my home OpenSUSE machine I'm using for freeradius server to authenticate admin and VPN users on my FG40F(7.2.8) from Leap 15.3 to 15.5(on a new machine). Obviously 15.5's repo has a newer version of freeradius-server image.Th...
As all the other users at FortiCloud must have gotten, I received an announcement email per email account for 2FA auth enforcement starting June the 7th.My question is if it would apply to this Forum login account. I've kept using my old account emai...
When we configure this SSL VPN MAC address filtering, what system limit would dictate the max number of MAC addresses we can configure on an FGT (no vdom/muti-vdom)?
Please let me make sure the order a FGT examine policies.If there is a specific policy from a specific interface like "lan" to another specific interface like "wan1" with "any" source and "any" destination, it would be examined before another policy ...
I'm referring two KBs below for this issue: