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Hi, I'm getting an error of message Error while getting geoip info (err:-11) when I run the command diagnose geoip geoip-query < public IP >. Checking GeoIP database is updated. > Can you help me May I know why I'm getting this error? Thanks!
Is there any KB or article on configuring SSL VPN on an out-of-bound firewall? or causing of SSL VPN and out-of-bound issues.I tried to configure the VPN but my out-of-bound connectivity having an issue. For now, I disable the SSL VPN as workaround. ...
Hi, Currently, I'm part of 2 groups in port mapping with different portals. Group 1 -- > Portal 1Group 2 -- > Portal 2 Is it possible to set the priority of the portal? For example: I was detected in Group 2 but I want my access would be in Group 1. ...
Hi, Does anyone experience based on this article?https://community.fortinet.com/t5/FortiGate/Technical-Tip-Understanding-the-log-message-User-shutdown-the/ta-p/301290 Scope is for 7.2.5 and above. The current version is 7.0.12 May I know if this is f...