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After update to 5.4.4 on FAP221B and FAP321C the web console will not load.Has it been removed or disabled??Cleared computer cache and it still will not allow me to connect.I tried SSH, TELNET, HTTP and HTTPS.. none of them worked.
Good Morning All, I have recently had issues with A Digium SIP phone system behind a Fortigate firewall. I searched around the internet but did not find much that gave me any help. So, I thought I would post this to try and help the community. Rememb...
I'm sure this is not the first post on this subject.I have a customer who is using a well known cable modem provider in the U.S.A. Alabama area. The Fortigate is a FGT60D and the traffic load is low. Firmware 5.2.7. Wth all UTM features turned on. Th...
The SYSLOG option has disappeared in the 40C. I am able to turn on the service by issuing the following commands, config log syslogd settingset status enableset server "This command is missing.." Has it been moved to a different location?Thanks
Recently purchased two 800C' s with 10gig SFP' s. can' t figure out how to get the two SFP+ ports 23 and 24 to come up wiith the 10gig tranceivers. Anybody got any input? Thanks Tommy