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I am trying to make changes to SSIDs on the Fortiportal but they are all greyed out for configuration. Is there an access or setting that I have to enable for making changes to the SSIDs, passwords and security mode?
I am trying to get an api call to FMG to get statistics for FortiAP from the FMG or FAZ. The document online states the use of IP addresses but we cant use that for our case. Is there anymore info on api calls for FortiAPs from FMG or FAZ
I am having an issue wherein I am getting too many failed logins for Fortiportal. I have tried to login using multiple accounts as well as the spuser but it wont let us access the system.I can CLI access the system using the admin account but cannot ...
Is there a way to export audit logs from fortiportal using API?Right now it just shows to export via csv.We are using fortiportal 7.2.2
In continuation with my last posts,I have configured the second ip address on port2 of the Fortiportal and Port2 has been enabled.I have also configured another static route to the gateway of the VLAN of the IP address being assigned to port2.The For...