FortiManager supports network operations use cases for centralized management, best practices compliance, and workflow automation to provide better protection against breaches.
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This article is here to help customers in finding a stable software release for the FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer.

The recommendations stated below are the latest as of April 2024.

The information in this document is not meant to be exhaustive and is intended to serve as general guidance to customers, especially in cases of mass deployments/upgrades.

Scope This document is a general recommendation of FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer Software recommendations for general customer deployments for general stability.
For customers who may be leveraging the latest features the latest FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer versions may be more applicable.
Product Details Recommended Release End of Engineering Support Passed (Y/N)
FortiManager-200D 6.2.12 Y
FortiManager-200F 7.2.5 N
FortiManager-200G 7.2.5 N
FortiManager-300E 6.4.14 Y
FortiManager-300F 7.2.5 N
FortiManager-400E 7.2.5 N
FortiManager-400G 7.2.5 N
FortiManager-410G 7.2.5 N
FortiManager-1000F 7.2.5 N
FortiManager-2000E 7.2.5 N
FortiManager-3000F 7.2.5 N
FortiManager-3000G 7.2.5 N
FortiManager-3700F 7.2.5 N
FortiManager-3700G 7.2.5 N
FortiManager-VM64 - all versions 7.2.5 N
FortiAnalyzer-150G 7.2.5 N
FortiAnalyzer-200F 7.0.12 N
FortiAnalyzer-300F 7.2.5 N
FortiAnalyzer-300G 7.2.5 N
FortiAnalyzer-400E 7.2.5 N
FortiAnalyzer-800F 7.2.5 N
FortiAnalyzer-800G 7.2.5 N
FortiAnalyzer-810G 7.2.5 N
FortiAnalyzer-1000E 6.4.14 Y
FortiAnalyzer-1000F 7.2.5 N
FortiAnalyzer-2000E 7.2.5 N
FortiAnalyzer-3000F 7.2.5 N
FortiAnalyzer-3000G 7.2.5 N
FortiAnalyzer-3500G 7.2.5 N
FortiAnalyzer-3510G 7.2.5 N
FortiAnalyzer-3700F 7.2.5 N
FortiAnalyzer-3700G 7.2.5 N
FortiAnalyzer-VM64 - all versions 7.2.5 N


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