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This article describes how to get a FortiToken Mobile activation code as a workaround when an activation email is not received.

Scope FortiGate.
Solution In some cases, when trying to send the activation code for FortiToken Mobile, the email is not received by the users. Either the email is not sent successfully or the spam filter blocked the email on the user side. It is possible to get the activation code through alert email debugging.


Run the following commands before selecting 'OK':


diag debug reset

diag debug enable

diag debug console timestamp enable

diag debug application alertmail -1


The activation code will be received through the debug output. This can be used for manual activation.

activation code.PNG
For a proper troubleshooting activation email, refer to Troubleshooting Tip: Email alert.


From the System Events log


Another way to gain the activation code is by navigating to Log & Report -> Events -> System Events.

Next, filter by User and Details as demonstrated in the image below:



An alternative to acquiring the activation code in case email is not making it through is via CLI.


PRIMARY # conf user fortitoken

PRIMARY (fortitoken) #
PRIMARY (fortitoken) # edit FTKMOB99C7Dxxxxx

serial-number : FTKMOB99C7Dxxxxx
status : active
comments :
license :
activation-code : EEIOTCU3LENEDJMR  <----
activation-expire : Mon Jul 15 20:10:19 2024
reg-id :
os-ver :