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This article describes how to address Fortiguard when Anycast default method does not work.



For version 6.4.3 and above.



Per default FortiOS, 6.4.3 and above is using the Anycast method to address the Fortiguard servers.
Relying on Fortinet DNS servers, the FortiGate will get a single IP address for the domain name of each FortiGuard service.

In some circumstances Anycast does not work:

This can be verified with the debug command '# diagnose debug rating':
# diagnose debug rating
Locale       : english
Service      : Web-filter
Status       : Enable
License      : Contract 
Service      : Antispam
Status       : Disable 
Service      : Virus Outbreak Prevention
Status       : Disable 
Num. of servers : 1
Protocol        : https
Port            : 443
Anycast         : Enable
Default servers : Included
-=- Server List (Tue Nov  3 17:47:32 2020) -=-
 IP                                             Weight    RTT Flags   TZ    Packets  Curr Lost Total Lost             Updated Time                                      0      0 DIF      0         14         11         11
If a high value of the current loss is noticed, run '# execute traceroute X.X.X.X' to see if the FortiGuard server can be reached (while X.X.X.X is the failing IP of '# diagnose debug rating').

If the Server cannot be reached, choose between the following options to workaround this issue:

1) Switch to other Anycast servers:
# config system fortiguard                                   
   set fortiguard-anycast-source aws                           
2) Disable Anycast and use HTTPS with port 8888.
# config system fortiguard
    set fortiguard-anycast disable
    set protocol https 
    set port 8888
3) Disable Anycast and use UDP with Port 53.
# config system fortiguard
   set fortiguard-anycast disable
   set protocol udp
   set port 53