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The Fortinet Support Portal provides a range of functionality that allows Fortinet customers to create their own support accounts, register their Fortinet products and contracts, download the latest Firmware Images, and create support requests.
Access to some of these services is governed by the support entitlement of current FortiCare and FortiGuard Service contracts.
This article provides a number of attachments that describe how to use features within the Fortinet Support Portal (version September 20th 2019).
Note: The Fortinet Support Portal was updated on February 7th, 2021 and the changes have not yet been reflected in this article.  This will be completed shortly.  There is a help function built into many of the new portal pages which explain how to use the portal.



The following attachments to this document provide step-by-step guides on how to use the Fortinet Support Portal.
Account Management
1.01 Create a support account
1.02 Create and edit a sub account
1.03 Recover a lost account ID and password
1.04 View and edit a support account
Asset Management
2.01 How to register a new product
2.02 Modules and chassis registration
2.03 Add or renew a support contract
2.04 Virtual machine (VM) license registration
2.05 LENC license registration
2.06 Online renewal for US customers (USA/Canada only)
2.07 Register a product after an RMA
2.08 VDOM license registration
2.09 Premium support service registration
2.10 Update product description and partner info
2.11 Update the product location address

2.12 Generating reports from the support portal
2.13 View the details of a product and service entitlement
2.14 How to move a contract that has been registered against the wrong Serial Number
2.15 Troubleshooting license not updated or available on the GUI
2.16 How to activate FortiToken Mobile Trial
2.17 FortiClient and FortiClient EMS 6.2 License SKUs and Support
2.18 Fortinet Warranty Support Start Policy
2.19 How to use the Decommissioned Products list (see related article)
Assistance Center
3.01 Ticket Creation Guide - This document is available on the Support Portal ( >Support>Resources ) .
3.02 View and update an active ticket
3.03 Web chat assistance

3.04 Anti Virus ticket and FortiGuard service requests
3.05 Run reports on your tickets
Download Center 
4.01 Firmware images download
4.02 FortiGuard service updates
4.03 HQIP image downloads
4.04 Verify the checksum of a firmware image
Support Portal
5.01 How to enable 2FA in the FortinetOne Portal (Support Portal).

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