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DescriptionThis article describes how to create an event handler which uses a generic text filter to match raw log data.Solution1. Go to FortiView > Log view page (FortiAnalyzer 5.0.7 or later, 5.2.x)2. Select the log category in the left panel and o...
DescriptionThis article describes how to set the maximum number of rows in a FortiAnalyzer report table to 100,000. The default number of rows for a chart of type table is limited to 10,000 rows only by design. Hence any table exceeding this limit wo...
DescriptionThis article relates to the situation where the VPN report shows blank when ran on a FortiAnalyzer. Also, the datasets do not return any log data even when running the datasets related to the VPN chart.The reason for this is a design chang...
Description The display of the global view and section view options on the policy page of the FortiGate GUI can be controlled from the CLI. If these options are not displayed it is probably because they have been disabled.ScopeSolution The following ...
DescriptionYou can specify a keyboard layout setting as a parameter for RDP connections through an SSL VPN portal.ScopeFortiOS 4.0MR2 and aboveSolutionThe format to enter the keyboard layout in “RDP to Host” is: -m Example for Spanish : ...