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I'm new to fortiswitch stacking and just looking fort some clarity around the redundancy of the cabling . If we have a pair of 448E switch in our Distribution layer (configuration of MCLAG) and I then want to connect 4 access layer switches (148F Ser...
do the fortiswitch's support stacking ? i am speaking of traditional stacking where all switch are managed via single ip address and I can configure ports from any stack member thru a single mgmt ip . what about stacking bandwidth? do we have any ded...
we have connected a stack of fortiswitch 448D's to an existing Cisco network environment but when I run "show cdp neighbor" on the cisco equipment we do not see the fortiswitch's. The 448D's are currently in unmanaged mode (not suing fortilink). Do I...
what is the default spanning tree mode on fortiswitch out of the box. can someone please confirm?
Hello , What is the maximum # of vlan allowed / supported with Rapid spanning tree protocol on FortiSwitch? looking for some official clarification from fortinet. The reason I'm asking is because someone told us that only 16 Vlans can be supported wh...
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