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Hello team,I have successfully configured our main L3 switches to send Syslog to our centralized Fortisiem log server, but with all of that done nothing was discovered by the CMDB.Bellow the conf in the Cisco switch, the 64.55 is the IP address for t...
Hello, Teams,I have two queries related to automatically adding devices to the CMDB.The first one is how to deny adding devices to the CMDB, where those devices were initially configured to send syslog data to the supervisor IP ?.The second one is ho...
Hello,I monitor my Windows active directory which is also my DNS server through the Fortisiem Windows agent, How can I detect the change made on the DNS side ( record deleting or changing)?What types of Windows events ID should I look for when search...
Hello, I successfully integrated the FMC from Cisco with the fortisiem platform, but all the logs I received are unkown.Any suggestion to resolve this issue?
I succeeded to forward logs from the forcepoint NGFW to fortiSiem but all the event types received are unknown " unknown event type". FortiSIEM , #Forcepoint
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