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Hello,I monitor my Windows active directory which is also my DNS server through the Fortisiem Windows agent, How can I detect the change made on the DNS side ( record deleting or changing)?What types of Windows events ID should I look for when search...
Hello, I successfully integrated the FMC from Cisco with the fortisiem platform, but all the logs I received are unkown.Any suggestion to resolve this issue?
I succeeded to forward logs from the forcepoint NGFW to fortiSiem but all the event types received are unknown " unknown event type". FortiSIEM , #Forcepoint
Hello,My four Active Directory accounts were successfully joined to Fortisiem using LDAP and WMI credentials, but up until this point, I was unable to get the users and groups from the AD to Fortisiem; nothing was visible on the CMDB>Users page. Fort...
Hello, I would like to configure SSH on FortiSIEM in order to monitor any change on the configuration from the fortigate side
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