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Hi everyoneI'm trying to configure a virtual server with load balancer that searches for the first live IP.I have M2M SIMs behind a VPN, each of which can take 2 random static IPs.based on the restart of the SIM itself.I wanted to disguise this incon...
I wanted to know if there are reverse proxy values ​​available on the virtual serverI have a linux reverse proxy server that I want to delete.and I 100% wanted to use FortiGate VIPs in its place.There are values ​​like this to set on VIPs:ProxyPass /...
I created yet another IPSec Custom VPN. I have about forty.when I have to add the static route the interface of the last created VPN does not appear.if I create another fake VPN. I see the desired VPN created when creating static see the la...
I wanted to know if it is possible to enable two-factor authentication for users who must connect to SSLVPN not directly created in the firewall but which are taken from an LDAP query on Active Directory.
Hi everyonei have created various site to site vpn between my fortinet and some watchguard firewalls.I don't understand why the tunnels fail to do autoRekey and at the end of the lifetime. even if they look up. in truth they are no longer working and...
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