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What's best particle for deployments? How can we tell what will want to reboot computers? Do computers still get signature updates without deployments be enabled?
I've made a change in our LDAP configuration by moving all users with current tokens to a new group CN=FW_VPN_Client_Users. I plan to manage VPN access by adding users to this group as needed. Before I proceed further, I have a question regarding the...
We are using Web filtering in EMS. Is there a way to get a report of where someone click pass the warning about a bad site?
Right now we are testing the Web Filter in EMS, we had a few users click on a bad URL. The users are not in our test group and we would like to know if the users had been if the test group would the URL they clicked on have been flagged? Is there a s...
We get this message "Message Remote LDAP user authentication(chap) with FortiToken failed: invalid password" We also get intermittent"Cannot add user from LDAP server because of this error: Failed to import user "" (rule: AD Sync), The username attri...
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