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Hello,If 2 different internet connection plug to same fortinet, can we make an failover so if ISP1 down then all traffic will be routed to ISP2 automatically?
Can we query to get percentage disk utilization using SNMP? What OID should be used?
Hello, I have 3 question regarding netflow/sflow and hope in this room there are anybody who can help me.1. As i know fortinet have netflow and sflow feature, which one is more recommended to use?2. If we apply netflow/sflow in outside interface it's...
Hello,I have complain from user that they have application but not running, after i do investigation by remove web filtering from the policy the application is running. Then i make a new web filter and set all categories to 'enable' and apply to the ...
Hello,I troubleshoot for an application which this application cannot running, when i see on fortigate log i can see many record with result 'Accept(Start)' but not traffic counted.Anyone know why this record not showing traffic counted?