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Hello,I know deeply the process to install a certificate into Fortigate and after all the client will need to install the certificate. Now I am creating a new server which will be used by hundred's of persons so I want to avoid the need to install lo...
Hello,Yesterday, happened a strange behaviour in the ESXi where the FortiWEB is running. When change from default reverse Proxy status to Transparent Inspection I loss the access to ESXi.Someone had this same issue? Thanks in advance!
Good morning, I want to establish a VPN with Fortitoken authentication. However the issue that appear is: "Insufficient credential". Best regards,
Hello,I am preparing a PoC for test all features of FortiWeb. This lab there isn't outside to Internet so I need to find out any web application to run on Server located behind of fortiweb.Anybody knows any web application for install in any windows ...
hello,I have a policy where is allowed the DNS service. However, I check the logs regarding to this policy I can see drops.I attach the show of logsBest regards,