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Hello, the previous administrator did the update in the wrong order, jumped a few steps of the update path. That's why I have now problems with a few functionalities. For example, I can not set logs to memory, because in Display Logs From, I have the...
After upgrading FG 60E to 5.6, I do not have anything in Dashboard -> Main "Security Fabric". There is only a circle spinning all the time. The same situation is in Log & Report -> Log settings, Send Logs to forticloud is enabled. Any ideas?
I have a strange problem. I have a policy and a bit of the users sessions as below.Is it possible for such an application to be blocked by this policy? The only thing that comes to my mind is that ads in these applications are blocked?I have also oth...
Hi, we have 2 sites (FG60E) and the ipsec vpn tunnel between them, ipv4policy like on the screenshot.Tunnel is working fine, but when i turn on fg1 NOT_ALLOWED policy (it's policy only for fg1), then people from fg2 cannot connect to remote machine v...