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Description This article describes how to use namespace while configuring SAML between Azure(Idp) and Fortigate(SP) Scope FortGate. Solution In some cases, namespaces are configured by default for username and group claims on Azure for SAML configura...
Description This article explains SoftIrqs, what causes them to increase in frequency or show high variations, and some ways to check for them in FortiGate. Scope All supported versions of FortiGate. Solution A SoftIrq is a software interrupt. It occ...
Description This article describes how to configure or remove sequence grouping created automatically while migration from other vendors to FortiGate using FortiConverter. Scope FortiGate. Solution Sequence grouping uses a top-to-bottom approach. Bef...
Description This article describes how to troubleshoot SSL VPN 'Credential or SSL VPN configuration is wrong (-7200)' error while using foreign characters in password. Scope FortiOS Solution Let's consider the following example Example: With 'Lé0test...
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