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Hello Derasi am setup Virvual server on Fortgate fireall 201F to working on round robin methood but it seems that it is not doing load balance the session is kpet on one server rather than the others any feedback ? Bests
Hello Dears I have firewall policy that i need to check the list of geolocations that tried to access it any suggestions ? take in mind i have connect the firewall with FortiSIEM. Bests
Hello Dears I am noticing high CPU on GUI for my Firewall 201E while on Cli it is show me it is okok cli as shown on below : DR-201E-1 # get system performance status CPU states: 0% user 0% system 0% nice 100% idle 0% iowait 0% irq 0% softirqCPU0 sta...
Hello Dears I want to make source ping from fortigate firewall device towards internet since by default it is blocked take in mind i am not using VODM anyone can help Bests
Hello Dears we need to setup QOS service for MS-team meetings , any suggestion for implement that on fortigate 201F firewall ? Bests