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Hello Dears I am migration from 60F to 201F firewalls using FortiConverter in the 60F there is VDOM while on 201F i am not intersted to make VDOM on it is there any method to using fortiConverter without VDOM ? and using the same configration on Fire...
Hello Dears We have Fortisiem collector 500F with password forgetting, anyone can help us to resets the default password of it ? Bests
Hello DearsI asking about we have DC with public IP address and DR with different Public IP address we are planning to make them active/standby when the main DC down the DR coming up take in mind both sides have Fortigate firewall any advise ? Bests
Hello Dearsour monitoring system show us same interface got high error rate for than 5 minutes so could please explain how to solve that.Best Regards
Hello Dears I am trying to perferom NAT on my backup ISP but the virtual IP seems is not passthourgh firewall policy since i-is the am seeing the hits of NAT is increase but nothing reconred on firewall policy ISP1- is the perirmry ISPISP2- is the ba...